Club Rules

2. Bow – always when entering and leaving the Dojo floor. This is to show respect for your training area and your Sensei
3. Students must be on time for every training session
4. Always line up for class quickly and quietly, in order of grade (belts)
5. There must be no talking between students when training is in session
6. You should use the term ” SENSEI” when addressing an instructor
7. You should use the term “SEMPAI” when addressing a senior student to yourself
8. Your karate suit (gi) must be clean, in good repair and worn at all times, it should always display your club or association badge
9. Where gi’s cannot be worn you would only be permitted to train in club strip (track suit or t-shirt)
10. A kit bag should be used for equipment and full kit (pads, mitts, belts, gum shields, and guards) this must be brought to each training session
11. All kit items should be clearly labeled with the students name
12. No jewellery is to be worn in any training sessions. Jewellery, watches, etc, can cause injuries and or get damaged if not removed. Your club will not be held responsible
13. Keep your finger and toenails short and clean to prevent injury while training
14. Make sure you keep the Dojo clean and ensure all rubbish is properly disposed of
15. You must not chew gum during any training sessions. This is a safety precaution
16. Control your emotions! Do not lose your temper!
17. Respect everything and everyone in the Dojo
18. Always practice in a safe and respectful manner
19. When required you will be expected to represent your club at events such as competitions, exhibitions, displays, etc as part of your course. This will be monitored and count towards your grading
20. Fees must be paid at the beginning of each month or term and no later than one week after