Staff Profile

Michael Harris

Age 51
Joined 04/01/2021

Michael started training with the British Karate Association under Tatsuo Suzuki at Ealing Karate Club in 1978. The club moved to Higashi in the early 80s, and shortly after, Mikes Sensei, John James retired as Club Instructor, having decided to leave the area. The running of Ealing Karate Club was taken over by Senseis Peter Harris and Henry Francis. When Sensei Francis left Ealing Karate Club in the early 90s, Mike joined Peter, and they are still working together as the principal instructors of the club.
During the late 70s and early 80s Mike progressed up the grades, competing at National and then International level. In 1995, Mike was selected for the England Squad on the Kumite team. He made his debut in Spain in a friendly, and went on to represent England as an elite member of the National Squad for another 5 years. During this time he also competed in France, Italy, Germany and the Philippines. Mike competed in British, English, VSO, European, Commonwealth and World events until he chose to retire from the Squad in the year 2000.;

Mikes dedication to Karate continues. Not only does he teach Karate 7 days a week, but he is also the Higashi Karate Kai Kumite Squad Coach.